DJ Colossus

received_536933539827318Born in Louisville, KY raised on the west coast, Chauncey Graves has gained exceptional knowledge of the DJ industry along with media production skills. He is known national as DJ Colossus being that he source higher than 6’7. His passion and talent for radio began late 2006 in Denver Colorado at The Center for Broadcasting and as an intern for Denver’s #1 radio station, KQKS 107.5FM. His passion for music & entertainment opened the door for being a contracted DJ for ECKO Unlt. North California district signed to Sheikh Music from 2009 to 2012 and later developing a new style of mixing mixtape “SLAPP Happy” series with various other gigs around the U.S. He currently is a member of the largest DJ group in the Midwest The Elitegiance DJ’s, President of The Mixshow Federation, respected street team member of The #1 independent record lable Strange Music as well as a Red Bull DJ. Commercial production is what brought Colossus to WLOU/WLLV 104.7FM – WGZB 96.5FM – WTFX 93.1FM with his creative commercial content and ability to connect to wide demographic targets. DJ Colossus looks forward to expanding his knowledge and passion for radio. His high quality work ethic, perseverance, energetic disposition, and his hunger for success in the industry makes him an essential component to radio and entertainment.