Gail Scott-Key


Hello, My Name is Gail Scott-Key and I am the proud Founder & CEO of the brand new Tap The Mic Radio on-line radio station! I am also the Host of the Award winning TV/On-line radio show, Gail Scott-Key’s Entertainment NOW and going on five years of hosting my show which features some of your favorite stars from yesterday, today and tomorrow! My background in broadcasting spans over twenty years as I not only hosted a morning radio show in New Hampshire to give the news but also was a reporter, turned anchor then TV host for the same New Hampshire Station from 2000-2003 and my experience throughout all of those years has taught me that you are only as good as your last show, so ALWAYS be humble and thankful to your listeners! With the honor of being an on-air personality, I have had the honor of  starring in a few films as I was cast to play what else but a reporter in Academy Award winner, Ernest Thompson’s  “Time & Charges” and most recently, “A Place In Hell” Directed by David Boorboor and produced by Ed Cuffe of Cufflink Productions. The film which is inspired by a true story stars Co-Lead Actors’, Noree Victoria (Quarantine II) and Lewis Smith (Django Unchained & The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai). It was very cool to star in a scene with a star I personally was able to say I had a crush on when I saw him in The Adventures of Bucakroo Bonzai! Someone pinch me! So with all of the experience that I have absorbed over those years and now, I am extremely honored to invite you to listen to more amazingly talented Hosts who are looking forward to entertaining you but more than that grateful for the opportunity to always stay connected and be as much a part of their lives as you are to them!